Help Save Christmas

About Us

Who We Are

Our goal is to inspire neighborly love and change the outcome for the families in need this Christmas because of the 2017 United Way funds shortage.

Indy Christmas Rescue was created by The Bindy Agency in order to help the pre-selected and approved 2500 families denied Christmas vouchers this year (2017) due to low donor support of United Way.

Our team first heard about this crisis when our children’s school, Edison School of the Performing Arts, put out a call for help saying that 80 families (234 children) had been denied the $30 per person voucher that they were hoping for and in need of.

Our spirits were grieved even further upon dropping our children off to school the next morning on December 14, 2017. Edison School for the Performing Arts, IPS 47, is normally a joyful and welcoming environment. However, this day, as staff greeted the kids their hearts were weighed down by the thought that many of the smiling faces they saw who were promised help for Christmas would not be receiving it. United Way had not met their fundraising goals leaving 2,500 families, including Edison’s 80, without hope for gifts to open this Christmas. As parents, it’s hard to think about; in 2,500 homes in Marion Co. there will be none of the joy that comes with children waking up to the magic of presents under the tree.

As mothers we knew we had to do something. As business owners, thankfully, we knew how. In most cases, we use our expertise to help small businesses reach their goals through creative and precise marketing. For this project, our goal is to inspire neighborly love and change the outcome for the families in need because of the United Way funds shortage. As we greet the New Year, let us do so with a heart full of the joy generosity creates, knowing that despite obstacles, we came together and insured children in Indy will not feel forgotten by Santa or overlooked by their community.

So, we’re putting on our elf ears and jingle bell shoes to help Santa show up for every child in Indianapolis and we know you want to help. After all, that is why you are here!

What We’re Doing

Our goal is to first aid all of the 80 families at Edison effected by the United Way funds shortage and to continue working until Christmas for the rest of the 2420 families in Indianapolis who were effected. Donations above and beyond the needs of these 2500 families will be donated to families in need next year!