Help Save Christmas

How to Help

Take the Santa Challenge!

We only have until Christmas to get presents, wrap them and disperse them amongst the 2500 families devastated by United Way’s low funding and subsequent cancellation of their Christmas aid. So let the challenge begin and let’s bring some hope to United Way and the families they want to help!

What can you do? 

In the next 24 hours…

  1. Make a monetary donation here or drop off a gift at our drop off location(s)
  2. Challenge three of your friends to do the same by emailing or posting “I took Indy’s Santa Challenge and now it’s your turn. You only have 24 hours. Learn more at”

Be A Drop Off Location

Own a business? The more drop off locations we have, the more convenient it is to donate which will encourage everyone around the city to participate.

Donate a Gift

Big or small, every gift counts. One gift means one more smile on Christmas! Buy a toy you used to love or think a kid will get joy from and drop it off at one of our locations!

Become a Volunteer

We’re hoping to get many gift donations, which means we will need help picking up, organizing and wrapping gifts. It’s going to take a community to make this possible!

Donate Money

Don’t have the time to shop? Donations to Indy Christmas Rescue will help us shop until we drop for the little ones of Indy! Every dollar counts and no gift is too small.